Workshop with Jesús Micó

Workshop with Jesús Micó

The Personal Authorship

Keys to improve an author’s personal plan

14th and 15th June  

Workshop with Jesús Mico. Photographer, Professor and Photography Researcher, Specialist in The Theory and History of Photography and commissioner of exhibitions.

A personal photographic plan is something that can be defined in many different ways. The most usual being that which defines it as a group of pictures taken in a certain period of time and focused on a common topic whose vision, as a whole, gives us a revealing and / or poetic point of view on such topic.

A plan is touched with a syntax, with an internal code which cannot be done by chance, it cannot be naïve. This syntax must make the plan, not only more intelligible but also more attractive and interesting, revealing, poetic and critical. In order to be able to articulate a plan in the correct way, it is essential for it to have formal coherence ( aesthetics) and coherence of the plot (thematic or conceptual)in its presentation.

In the workshop, the idea of a personal plan will be thoroughly studied. What must a plan have so that an advanced reader can consider it positively? What is assessed in the personal plans of emerging authors? What makes a plan successful?, … .

Besides, a plotted and individualized viewing of the students’ portfolios, and reflections on how to make a personal plan (references of how to build, defend and argue such plan before any audience: public, scholarships, gallery owners, commissioners, papers, etc.) will be done.

Duration: 15 hours.
Places: 15 Maximun.
Venue: PinondoEtxea, Plaza Pinondo, 1
Price: € 200 (it includes mid-morning lunch on Saturday and Sunday).
Timetable: Saturday 10.00 to 14.00 and 16.00 to 20.00 hours / Sunday 11.00 to 14.00 and 16.00 to 20.00 hours.
Information and bookings: 94 658 32 95 / 658 70 82 64 / 685 704 839 /

  • Jesús Micó (Cádiz, 1962) has lived in Barcelona for a decade and he is devoted to the creation, administration, research and teaching of Photography. He is a Doctor of Arts with a degree specializing in Photography by the University of Barcelona. He gives classes and conferences on The Theory, History and Aesthetics of photography in different public universities, art centres, festivals and Spanish private schools. He is a commissioner of exhibitions, his specialty being the promotion of new authors. He is responsible for the programming of the KURSALA( the Contemporary Photography Gallery at the University of Cádiz) and its collection of photobooks (Cuadernosde la Kursala). Among many others, he has commissioned the international exhibitions “Talent Latent “2010 and 2012 in the heart of SCAN Tarragona Festival and is currently working on the preparation of Talent Latent 2014. His personal work can be seen on
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