Mass Participation

Mass Participation


From 20th to 29th June | Town hall square  

Choose a photo, print it and stick it on the wall.

Participating project which consists on the creation of a photographic mural generated thanks to a collective contribution. On the topic of “The Family”, anybody wanting to take part can come to the Town Hall Square, with their own printed photos and stick them on the Wall set for that purpose.

This call is open to anybody who wants to take part, social collectives, families, groups of friends, clubs, entities, school groups, workmates, etc,.

The group “Los Espontáneos” will be in charge of cheering the opening of the activity with a theatrer play on Friday 20th at 18.00 hours.

Come and Take part!!! We are looking forward to your pictures.


Big Mama Project

21st June, 18.00hours | Plaza de Ezkurdi  

Gigantic pinhole camera of the photographic association F-Stop.

An approach to the pinhole camera, photographic technique associated to the artistic world in the past centuries, used by painters of all eras. With the birth of photography, it dies out, and remains relegated nearly exclusively to the didactic field. Surprisingly, and thanks to the new technologies, the use of this ancestral technique arises again with great strength.

The photographic association of Durango, F-Stop has bet, from its origins, on pinhole photography. The Big Mama project is a consequence of their research and experiences. With a lot of effort and dedication, they have built a gigantic pinhole camera which you can enter and see from the inside how photography really works. Apart from this, they have managed to do the developing at the very same time in its interior.

F-Stop will give an explanation on how this process works, they will show different homemade cameras and pictures done with this technique, and they will share with the attending audience their experiences with pinhole photography.


Bertsos and Photography

21st June, 20.30 hours | Portico de Santa Maria  

Enjoying “Bertsolarismo” and spreading photography in the street is the intention of this activity, done right in the centre of Durango. For this, we count on the performance of “Bertsolaris” Igor Elortza and Unai Iturriaga, and straight after this, we will give way to a photographic showing with the work of Peruvian and Moroccan authors who are also present in the showing cycle.

We understand Bertsolarismo (bertsolaritza) as the art of uttering or enouncing a discourse, sung in an improvised way, using rhyme and a given metric. It is a branch of Basque literature.

This type of “dialectic discussion” responds to a pattern which has been present in a great number of cultures. Nowadays, it is an art related to the “Trovo Alpujarreño”, the Payada of the southern Cone of America or the Cuban “repentismo”. It is part of the Asiatic culture, the Greek and Roman cultures and also of the History of the Muslim Mediterranean.

Igor Elortza (1975, Durango, Bizkaia). His first steps were taken in Ikastola Kurutziaga with Jon Lopategi. At the age of fifteen he contested the final of Bertsolaris Championship in Bizkaia, and since then, he has taken part in more than 1500 sesions of “bertsos” in Euskal Herria (=The Basque Country). He has been the champion of Biscay five times and other three times he was finalist in the Basque Country championship. In the last one, 2013, he ranked third position. He has collaborated with creators of other expressions, and has had different hybrid works published such as versified plots and versified songs.

Unai Iturriaga (1974, Durango, Bizkaia) He holds a degree in Art, but he likes to call himself a fuser of words with images. From a very early age, he has worked intensively in the world of “bertsos”creation and has taken part in more contests than he would wish for. He has also worked as a scriptwriter for television, cinema, comic and theatre. He has had two books published: Isladak (Zubia 1997, selected texts) and Berandu da gelditzeko (Susa 1999, novel). He was also the creator, together with the musician from Otxandio, Josu Zabala, and the “bertsolari” Igor Elorza of the project of verses with music: 7 Eskale and Gut a Gutarrak. In the last years, he has been working on graphic design and posters, as a consequence of his vocation to fuse words with images. When he grows older, he would like to be a cartoonist.

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