ERO Segun Lazkano

ERO Segun Lazkano


Segun Lazkano

From 10th to 29th June | Plateruena, KafeAntzokia of Durango  

Ero is a mental state which manifests itself in each of the portrayed characters. The work shows beings that have either not known or forgotten the heat of the sun, trapeze artists who have lost balance and have fallen on the other side of the border.

The people who inhabit Ero drag their existence across a fearsome moor that shows no horizon. On them, the photographer fixes his look, and in that way he exorcises his ghosts and his fears. The portraits end up being distorting mirrors of our darkest side.

Plateruena, Kafe Antzokia of Durango
Landako Hiribidea 4ª

  • Según Lazkano (Elorrio, Bizkaia, 1959 - 2013). Two years of studying in Camden Town Visual Arts College (London). Workshops in TarazonaFoto (Zaragoza) with ManelEsclusa, GarcíaAlix and KoldoTxamorro among others. He worked as a professional press photographer for 7 years, published two books on the Stage Arts and another one on Jazz-Blues music. He also took part in the collective book San BlasakBegietan. In 2012 his most resounding plan: the book Ero within the plan NoctisLabyrinthus, in which he develops a more intimate and heartbreaking message. Apart from that, he was also an active member of the Elorrio Photographic Association for many years.
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