Garazi Erdaide

From 10th to 29th June  

Urban Intervention

What does inhabiting some space, building it and experiencing it involve?

Desplazamiento is a series of photographic pictures that set off from an action, a look on the place, on the memory, on the complexity of the sense.
They are fragmented pictures, in which the action of running stays still, which are returned to the place where they were taken presenting us with a discourse on the relationship between picture and reality. Running bare feet in different places which are photographed at random, shapes an experimentation through the body.

Displayed in different places and with different addresses, the narration ceases to be communicative, and tedns to dispersion.
To look all over a place, recreate it, walk on it, depict it, is a way of movement.

Image tour:
- Santa Ana’s Arc (Pinondo Square)
- Town Council
- Zeharkalea
- Music School (Montevideo Street)
- Ezkurdi Square
- Komentukalea
- Kurutzesantu Museum (Kurutziaga Street)
- Lariz Tower (In front the Tourism Office)
- Montevideo Street (in front of Mañaria river)
- Uribarriko Andra Mari Basilica (Andra Mari Street)

  • Garazi Erdaide (Durango, Bizkaia, 1986) develops her work from a multidisciplinary practice. Graduated in Audiovisual Communication specializing in the field of cinema-video, she did an International Master in Photography as Concept and Creation at the EFTI School in Madrid. In 2011, she did an Official Master in Research and Creation in Art at the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU). Her work explores the concept of memory and its relationship with the photographic picture. From the research and experimenting ,she develops pictures in which, sometimes from the performance, the notions of irony, ways of production or identity acquire vital importance. Her work can be seen on
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