28th June | Plateruena, Kafe Antzokia    Donative: €5   

begira lagun


Begira lagun Prize
23.30 hours

Raffle of the prize offered to all those people who have contributed to the development of the project through the collective microfinancing campaign Begira lagun.




DJ Satte
0.0 hours

DJ Satte is the organizer of the events “Confunksion” in Kalian, Leioa. Besides, he collects and plays vinyl of soul, funk, jazz, Brazilian, Latin, …,. His sessions are always elegant as well as making people want to dance. He combines a great deal of styles and eras within the best black dancing music. Satte was also one of the usual DJs of the now disappeared and mythical Bullitt Groove Club in Bilbao. He is now a member of the DJ collective “DJs Global Funkers” (

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