CABANGA Godzilla

CABANGA  Godzilla



From 10th to 29th June | Municipal Market  

Godzilla is on Cabangaand I don’t think that interests anybody apart from those who feel they have been taken in, frustrated or ravenously alive in a slum, or drowned by the memory of what never was.

Godzilla once was a different photographer, one of art gallery, magazine and trends. Godzilla was a member of the jury in photographic contexts in the “macondos” of the world.

Godzilla believes that whoever sees its footprints will be able to see the cold-blooded lizard which lives in the eyes of the beholder.

Godzilla wants to finish off MegaTokio, MegaManagua, MegaBilbao and MegaDurango.


*1. F. Nicaragua.Melancholy, faint sadness, yearning, nostalgia.

  • Godzilla (Bilbao, Bizkaia, 1970) is a photographer lizard which leaves its footprints in the streets, the corners, in hidden places and in ruins, in the shops of the suburbs abandoned because of the crisis. Footprints of gigantic photocopies. Godzilla runs away from crowded places and psychopath healers. It is easy to hide a gigantic lizard born from disaster, from the nuclear trials which each one does in their lives. It travels in tourist class and nobody seems to have seen it.
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