BOSNIAN DÉJÀ VU Goiuri Aldekoa-Otalora

BOSNIAN DÉJÀ VU Goiuri Aldekoa-Otalora

Bosnian Déjà Vu

Goiuri Aldekoa-Otalora

From 10th to 29th June | Art and History Museum  

Bosnian Déjà Vu
A country in which motorways are really scarce, on the edge of the road stands a girl offering blackberries in a little bowl to the passing cars. Bosnia is the third poorest country in Europe.

The trip I took to meet a Bosnian family, made me remember the hard life our ancestors had to cope with. It was as if I stood in front of a mirror that took me to the past.

The scenery, so much like our landscapes really helped: forests and fields full of oaks and beech trees, pines and fruit trees.

Although the differences in culture and religion are obvious, what I heard about the Bosnian War and the Civil War here in the Basque Country, the self- production, the hospitality, the role of women , the religious influence, etc. made me realize the similarities are more, and also that the basic needs of human beings are the same everywhere.

No sooner had I arrived in such far away land, I had the feeling of a Déjà Vu.

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  • Goiuri Aldekoa-Otalora (Durango, Bizkaia, 1972) She studied Graphic Design at the School of Arts and Crafts in Huesca, specializing in Photography. She has taken part in workshops with Oscar Molina, Jose Luis Bravo o Gabriel Brau. For 7 years she worked as a photographer for Eraz-Anboto conducted by SegunLazkano. In the meantime she made illustrated features for different publications and did illustrations and photographs for the book written by Irune Ibarra GuztoraIdatziz (Editorial Ibaizabal, 2000). She has participated in various collective exhibitions (Rtratuek, Art and history Museum of Durango) and individual exhibitions (Zaldia). She has collaborated with different institutions (Instituto Vasco de la MujerEmakunde) and publications (10x15, fanzine dedicated to contemporary Art and Photography). Among her last works are the photographs for the last record of ErramunMartikorena (Elkar) or the collective display Retratos in Begira Photo Festival 2013. At present she combines photographic work with audiovisual production.
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