A day in the life of…..

A day in the life of…..

A day in the life of…..

Workshop for children with Zaloa Fuertes

21st and 27th June | Pinondo Etxea  

Immediacy is a social phenomenon that springs out from technological advances, not leaving much for the mind to imagine, create or dream of the everyday affairs.

A day in the life of….. is a workshop addressed to children whose aim is to develop creativity using photography as a means of expression. In this workshop we will go back to the analogical era of photography where a disposable camera will be the main tool to talk about the everyday and about oneself. Photography turns into an excuse to free the mind and dream of the taken pictures without having access to the moment in which they are captured. The result of these instants will be a photographic album in which the only limit is the imagination.

Each participant will be given a disposable camera with which they will have to take pictures of their everyday. When the workshop finishes, they will take home a photographic album made by them.

Duration: 6hours
Seats: 12 Maximun
Timetable: Saturday 21st, from 16.00 to 18.00 / Friday 27th, from 16.00 to 20.00
Venue: Pinondo Etxea, Plaza Pinondo 1
Price: €30
Information and reserves: 946583295 / 658 70 82 64 / 685 704 839 / info@begiraphoto.com

  • Zaloa Fuertes (México, 1983) graduated in Communication Sciences at ITESM, Queretaro Campus. She has a Master in Photography by The Active School of Photography (Queretaro, Mexico) and New York Institute of Photography (NY, USA). She has attended photography workshops with Oscar Molina, Ricky Dávila, Eduardo Momeñe, Iñaki Domingo, Vicente Paredes and Juan Valbuena among others. After moving to a different country (Mexico to Basque Country) and losing a suitcase with 10 years of photojournalistic work, she decides to start from scratch and focus on a more personal work. She has exhibited Más allá de las ilusiones (Mexico, 2003), 06:04 (Mexico 2004) Ram Memoria (Basque Country 2012) and Azala (Begira Photo 2013). Her plans have to do with a self-search within different ethnographic environments.
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